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    UN-FPL02→Double door Glass Door Fingerprint Password Lock

    • Model:UN-FPL02
    • Brand:Unicon Vision
    • Weight:2.5kg

    Double door Glass Door Fingerprint Password Lock                                        

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    Key Features:                                                                        

    1. High performance, low power consumption, embedded DSD processing chip

    2. Aluminum-magnesium alloy material + surface anodized, CNC technology,nice anddurable

    3. New generation of top optical fingerprint head, built-in infrared aids,high recognitionrate,Can 

    effectively identify the elderly, children's fingerprints

    4. Anti-static high reliability circuit board design, double-sided

    5. Unique patented design : Automatic single hook structure, no matter single glassdoor,Double 

    glass door can be locked

    6. Patented glass lock before and after the panel over wire connection technology, theperfect eliminate 

    the market on the other glass locks connected cable easy to cut ofglass

    7. Lock head is hidden style of super B-level and on the bottom, prevent technicalopening the lock;

    8. Built-in human voice prompt in English to guide user's all operation

    9. Unlock mode: fingerprint, password, credit card, spare key

    10. Super easy to install design, do it by yourself just 10 minutes;



    Working power:

    DC 4.5 - 6.5 V (4 pcs of #5 AA batteries available.)

    Static Current:

    Less than 55 mA, static standby for 15 months,supportunlock 10000 times

    Password capacity:

    30groups, each group password support 6 ~ 12 numbers

    Fingerprint capacity:

    200 pcs

    Card capacity:

    50 pcs

    Emergency Interface:

    USB interface voltage DC5V

    Lock body material:

    304 stainless steel



    Size :


    Working temperature:

    -15°C - 60°C

    Working Humidity:

    20% RH - 93% RH


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