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Unicon Vision 4K NVR

2018-07-31 16:27:18 Unicon Vision Read

What's the difference between Hi3798M and Hi3536?

So far, only one processor that supports h.265 and dedicated to High Definition video monitoring applications, that is the Hi3536.


Hi3536 is a high performance processor that supports 4K*2K video decoding. This chip Uses the Big.LITTLE architecture to provide the best video decoding performance. However, Hi3798M is a processor applied to the TV set-top box, which has the general video decoding capability (replacing the low cost scheme of Hi3798C). When it applied to NVR, only a few channels of access can be supported, because the processor only has access to 100 megabytes of bandwidth, and the decoding capability of video is only 1 channel 4K or 4 channel 1080P. As a result of the hardware design of the above chip, Hi3798M is only used for medium and low end, 4 Channels, 8 Channels, 16 Channels h.265 network video recorder, while Hi3536 chip can be used for medium and high-end support 16 Channels, 32 Channels, 64 Channels, even 128 Channels h.265 network video recorders.

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