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Unicon Vision Panoramic Camera

2018-04-13 16:58:31 Unicon Vision Read

Unicon Vision Panoramic camera can independently realize large range and no blind angle surveillance. 

It generally has a 360 degree panoramic view angle and can replace multiple normal cctv cameras for 

seamless monitoring. Panoramic camera can be used in following application.  

1. Only need to monitor the whole scene and do not need to identify the details.

2. For some important places which need to have full coverage and no blind angle monitoring. 

3. Not only to monitor the overall situation, but also the details.

As a branch of the security cameras, panoramic camera has its own characteristics and irreplaceable 

application value in video surveillance. Since the panoramic camera has its own unique advantages, 

how does it differ from others in technology?

Wide Angle Fisheye Lens Panoramic Camera

The fisheye lens is one of the simplest and effective ways to make panoramic view. 

It can get all information of 180 degrees visual angle in one time to achieve no blind area effect.


Multi Sensor Panoramic Camera

This panoramic function is achieved by multiple sensor and multiple lens combination. 

This kind of panoramic image taken by mutil sensor panoramic camera is regular rectangle image.


In summary, Unicon Vision panoramic camera is special in security camera industry . 

It can better satisfy user's needs for wide range security applications with less cost

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