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Unicon Vision how to your choose cctv ip camera system

2018-03-30 12:03:16 Unicon Vision Read

  In the current market of video surveillance, IP network system with high-definition cameras has become a tred, in the engineering project various forms of ip camera are generally choosing form the resolution, infrared distance, compatibility etc.The analog cameras is used to represent the sharpness of the camera,and the net work camera generrally USES resolution to express the resolution.

At present, the main stream of IP Camera resolutions include:

720P: 1280*720, corresponding pixel 1.0MP, recommended stream: 2M;

960P: 1280*960, corresponding pixel 1.3 MP, recommended stream: 3M;

1080P: 1920*1080, corresponding pixel 2.0MP, recommended stream: 4-5M;

4MP: 2592*1520, corresponding pixel 4.0MP, recommended stream: 5-6M;

4K: 3840*2160, corresponding pixel 8.0MP, stream: 8M above;

Myth 1 : the higher the resolution, the better.

  High resolution, high stream: Appropriate resolution choosing has to check whether the project actual demand, the current compression format are h. 264, the higher the resolution, the greater the stream, the more disk space occupied per unit time. While the cost of the IP Camera is now more and more low,we can’t just ignore the hard drive costs. Therefore at present most of the projects with IP Camera resolution is 960p, 1080p.

Myth 2: the higher the resolution, the better the night vision.

   Not always. The night vision performance is according to IP Camera’s CMOS chipset photosensitive capability. 

For example, the effect of 2MP Sony323 is better than the night vision of 4MP OV4689.

Error of infrared radiation distance:

   The infrared range is usually marked on the parameters. For example, the infrared distance is 50 meters. 

But in actual use, some of the engineers generally reflect that the infrared distance is not enough as it says. 

Despite the false product parameters, parameter annotation 50 meters generally refers to the right infrared irradiation distance, 

the infrared lamp as we saw is lamp cup which used for condensing, light cup has Angle like electric torch.

Narrow Angle irradiation far, wide Angle of illuminate close. The specification of the lamp cup has to matches the camera lens.

This is very easy to understand. The infrared distance of 50 meters is marked with a 4mm wide Angle lens. 

The irradiation distance of the infrared camera must be less than 50 meters.

Therefore, in the design stage of the project, the layout of the infrared camera needs to be paid attention to: Angle, lens, infrared distance and other factors.

Otherwise, the final effect won’t be good.

Myth OF Compatibility :

   Currently for Cameras and recording device, although most through ONVIF protocol can achieve the function settings of the IP Cameras, 

but because of the limitation of the common protocol, the back-end part of camera function cannot be used, such as: IP address changes, 

parameter Settings, alarm linkage etc. Although through the CMS or Internet explorer can maximize the function of the camera, 

but considering the integrity, front and back side in Unicon Vision products with private agreement would be the best choice.

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