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What you have to know about Home Security Camera

2018-03-14 16:14:16 Unicon Vision Read

  There are numerous options of Home Security Camera brands in public market,you konw how to buy?

Price the higher the better? Orimage the clearer the better? No really, your requirement is the most

considerable indeed.

Unicon Vision will lead you one by one with the matters which need to be noticed.


Tips 1 : Simple connection with Plug and Play.

   Home security camera normally would be fixed in a certain corner quietly as for monitoring, 

so the base demand is convenient for installation.

  Regarding the internet, the best choice is Wireless, no drawing wire without troublesome. 

The main choice now is through APP networking to facilitate customers’ management 

and connected to the terminal, typically by QR code scanning for fast accessing 

with in the local area network (LAN). 

 For example,the UN-HWPT200 Video camera of Unicon Vision will automatically search the

equipment in the LAN via "my device",after that to scan code to add camera succesfully.


Tips 2: Consider more on performance but not just image quality.

Image quality must be in the first consideration. However surveillance industry hasalready in

HD era years ago after standard resolution. The home security camera we are using for 

monitoring are basically 720p and 1080p resolution, performance on mobile and tablets were 

similar and not so easy to recognized... so it is not necessary to clarity on it.

In short,the performance of the quality is really one of the important steps to test the quality of 

the product. First to see the screen correction; Second is the code stream processing; Third is 

the coding technology (for example, h. 265 or the support of Smart264, etc.)

Mini Dome.png

Tips3:Night vision imaging considerations.

Home security camera sensitive target surface are smaller like typically 1/3 ". The current night-

vision complementary light technology is basically meet the normal request without problem because 

home security camera are for monitoring smaller depth of field, generally about 10 m. In order to have 

better protection, the concealment of the optional invisible light of 940 nm infrared light technology would 

be much better for anti-theft monitoring.


As part of the smart home system, the camera can bring the most intuitive visual effects to us, 

which is more closer to our life. It is popular with the younger generation now so do you know how 

to choose from the diversified product in the whole market?

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