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Uniconvision Fingerprint Password Lock coming !

2018-01-25 10:17:22 Unicon Vision Read


    Most customers still use metal keys, cards, or badges to protect their doors. 

Larily De, chief executive of ZKAccess said that if these customers had not yet 

been invaded by misuse or lost key cards, they would have difficulty investing 

in new technologies, such as fingerprints and face recognition. "But for the 

newly installed equipment, there is no doubt about it. Biometrics is safer and 

more convenient than keys and cards, because you can't forget, lose, or steal 

your biometric certificate.

Unicon Vision fingerprint Doorlock with patent technology, 

magnetic induction switch, single hook structure to be more safer and more 


Multi unlock mode >>>>>>>>>
Fingerprint capacity : 200pcs
Code capacity : 30pcs
Card capacity : 50pcs


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