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UniconVision High Definitions of IP Cameras: H.265 and H.264

2017-10-16 17:34:44 Unicon Vision Read

What is H.264 ?

H.264 is currently a mainstream video compression format. It is widely used in Blu- ray Movies, internet sources like videos in YouTube and iTunes Store, Web Software and also HDTV broadcasts over terrestrial, cable and satellite.

What is H.265?

H.265 is  a video compression standard whose predecessor is h.264/MPEG-4 AVC. H.265HEVC en sures to deliver video quality identical to H.265 AVC at only half the bit rate.

What's the meaning to ip cameras?  Under  the same image quality condition. utilizing h.265 ip camera can save 50% bandwidth and video storage.

H.265 VS H.264 differences between h.265/HEVC and h.264/AVC 

H2.65 Key improvement 40-50% bit rate reduction compared with H.264 at same visual quality ,it is likely to omplement Ultra HD,2K,4K for Broadcast and Online. Support up to 8k and up to 300FPS.

Apparently, the introduction and development of H.265 standard brings extensive possiblitities and optimism to the industry byaddressing problems such as shortage of bandwidth, improving transmission efficiency and delivers other benefits.

Simply put ,H.265 is the codec of the future. So, do you want to convert videos files to H.265? In this way ,you can downsize hd videos without damaging the quality to free up space, and also convert SD videos to H.265 for better visual effects, So, how to convert videos to H.265? All you need is a H.265 converter to convert videos to H.265.

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