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Do you know setting NVR Connection computer ?

2017-08-25 16:09:48 Unicon Vision Read

Setting NVR Connection computer:

One, we suggest to use ie11. You may need to enable the "Activex control downlad" at the IE settings see the bellowing picture:  

                                                            Open  [internet Options]---[Secrutity]---[Custom]

   1503645083316484.png           1503645083902642.png

Two, NVR default ip address: Add ip address with 1 Gateway in the LAN.

(If your computer is 1 gateway no need to add )

Open 【Local Area Connection Status】---【Local Area Connection Properties】---

【Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)Properties】---【Advanced TCP/IP Settings】

CCTV CAMERA  1503645658217942.png    

1503645658217942.png  1503645659608384.png

Three,Log in IE , Default IP address:   

Please Download the Activex Control when the first view the NVR.

CCTV CAMERA   1503647017262115.png

Four,  Live view: After Register OCX, Please refresh the Log in page, input user name and password.

Deafault user name and passward :admin/123456


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