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UniconVision New Product-720° PANO Camera

2017-08-15 16:13:49 Unicon Vision Read

The First Panorama Home Security Camera

Pano camera, the first panorama home security camera featuring

an unique dual fish eye structure. It completely breaks though the

 restriction of traditional camera on image range.it can be perfect

 balanced the view from up and down left and right, front and back

 and bring you a real no dead angle security experience.


Traditional fan-shaped-view monitoring cameras has many
faults such as difficulty in function extension, expensive,
difficulty of installation, and difficulty of maintaining, while
panorama camera provides a spherical view, which
makes up for the area above and below area that traditional
Cameras miss, and bring to customers better cost
effectiveness and extraordinary monitoring experience.

Mobile remote access, Feeling family love anytime

We can get real-time panoramic picture or play back the panoramic

historical pictures by app on the mobile, ipad or mobile device. We can

see everything in our home with simple finger swipes rotate, scale .


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